At LCCF we are working to strengthen the volunteering area, thanks to the interest of many people who have offered their time, knowledge and desire to contribute to making this community a better place for everyone, especially for the more vulnerable among us.

The volunteering areas that we have available at the moment are:


Link with the community

If you like having direct contact with children and their families.
  • Reading workshop: Where you can get close to some of the families of the children who are in treatment. Reading is one of many tools that allows us to awaken the imagination, develop creativity and travel through books. That is why we started this initiative, with the purpose of establishing a closer relationship with the families that are supported by medical treatments and to make them feel embraced by the foundation. If you have a penchant for reading and are available for one hour a week to interact with children and invite them to read, apply a reading strategy or something related to a specific topic addressed in any of the texts, this volunteer area could be perfect for you. We have a bibliographic collection for all ages.
  • Special support: LCCF’s mission focuses on improving the health conditions of children in our state, and much of the resources go toward the medical treatments that are required. However, sometimes material needs arise in their living conditions that do not fall within this category, and that, when resolved, have an impact on the treatments they receive having better results. If you are good at managing resources among friends, you like direct contact with people and want to help with something tangible that will have an immediate effect, this area is for you.


If you are sociable and you like to interact with people.
  • Events organized by LCCF: Celebrating life, Duckett Challenge.
  • Events organized by third parties: Either for the benefit of LCCF (cultural, sporting or gastronomic) or on any subject related to children or health (expos, fairs, congresses, meetings). Support in public relations, distribution of flyers, etc.

Staff support activities

If you like the work that LCCF does, either behind the scenes or in contact with the community, and have a profession that you would like to use to help the children.
  • Development: Support in resource management (sponsorships, donations) or promotion of programs and/or LCCF fundraising campaigns (welcome parties, sustain cups).
  • Impact: Reviewing financial information and impact, qualitative and quantitative assessments, etc.
  • Strategic Planning: Design reports, support in re-engineering of administrative processes.
  • Volunteering: Creation and follow-up of work teams, coordination and follow-up of volunteer activities in LCCF events and programs, support in managing the volunteer database.
  • Your idea: Do you have free time and a profession that you think might be useful for LCCF? We would love to hear your proposal.

Thank you very much for helping. Together we are “changing the world, one child at a time.”

LCCF Volunteer Requirements

As the name implies, a volunteer is someone who decides, of their own will and initiative, to do a job without expecting further remuneration than the satisfaction of contributing to a cause, a project, or the mission of a certain group or association.

In the world of non-profit organizations, these people, individually or in groups, will allow the organization to have greater stability and impact by integrating and teaming up with the personnel that work in said organization.

Some of the universal values that govern the role of volunteers are:

  • Free will
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Solidarity
  • Commitment

It is also essential that they know the mission, vision, programs and values that identify the group to which they belong.

The United Nations (UN) emphasizes the importance of volunteering: volunteers have the ability to change lives, create greater social cohesion, encourage citizen participation, mitigate conflicts; in short, to contribute to the welfare of society as a whole. Volunteering benefits both the whole of society and the volunteer, strengthening trust, solidarity and reciprocity among people and creating opportunities for appropriate participation.

Thanks to the interest of the many people who have expressed their desire to contribute to strengthening the programs focused on the health of children in our state, we at Los Cabos Children’s Foundation (LCCF) have created options for everyone according to their skills, interests, profession, and availability, so each prospective volunteer can find the area where they feel most effective in participating.

How can I volunteer?

  • Express your interest in joining the LCCF team as a volunteer, by sending an email to volunteering@loscaboschildren.org or by filling out the form below.
  • Request the welcome letter, which lays out the opportunity areas for LCCF volunteers.
  • Go to an interview with a member of the LCCF team to learn more about the mission, vision, support programs in the community, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Fill out the registration form and select the area that you consider most appropriate to your interests and/or needs, and in which you can formally commit yourself.
  • Once you have identified in which way you want to carry out this great work, we will ask you to go on a guided visit to the Salvatierra Hospital in the city of La Paz, where there are pediatric medical programs that are supported by the foundation, or other programs from local associations that also receive support from LCCF. We take you on this guided tour so you can see and feel for yourself what our mission is about.
  • Throughout the year, we will continue inviting you to informative meetings, as well as training events, so that you feel 100% part of our team and contribute to this great project.

“There’s nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer”

Area of interest

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