Thank you, Dr. Mejia!

Every year, on October 23rd, Mexico celebrates Doctor’s Day, a day to acknowledge the priceless work these professionals do for all of us, bringing us hope during the hardest times. Many are the doctors who collaborate with Los Cabos Children’s Foundation (LCCF) and we are always thankful for their commitment, devotion and humanity. Among them, we wish to thank Doctor David Mejia Camacho, who has been cooperating selflessly with our foundation for the past 3 years.

Meet Dr. Mejia

Doctor David Mejía is a Pediatric Surgeon who loves his profession. Born in Mexico City and raised in Sinaloa, Dr. Mejía arrives in Los Cabos in 2003 to work as a general practitioner at the Hospital de Especialidades, in Cabo San Lucas. Coincidentally, during this period, he gets to work with many children, and that awakens his true vocation.

“When you start working with children, you grow fond of them. My biggest motivation is to provide them with an acceptable quality of life.”

In 2006, he decides to specialize in Pediatrics at the Hospital General de Mexico and, right after completion, he takes on the specialty of Pediatric Surgery at the Centro Medico Nacional 20 de Noviembre. In 2013, he comes back to Baja California Sur, where he works for ten months at Hospital Salvatierra, in La Paz, the headquarters of most of the medical programs we support, since it’s the hospital with the highest level of attention for children in our state. He finally moves to Los Cabos, where he currently lives and works. In the mornings, Dr. Mejia sees his patients and conducts surgeries for the Seguro Popular at the Hospital General in Cabo San Lucas, and in the evenings, at his private practice.

A bond is formed

From December 2015 to June 2017 he takes on the position as Director of the Hospital General in Cabo San Lucas, and begins to get acquainted with the work done by LCCF. First, he learns about the Pediatric Cardiology Program we have helped create and continue to support. He begins seeing patients through pediatric services and identifying congenital heart defects to be treated within the program.

As Director, he served as a liaison with LCCF when there were certain needs that are not covered by Seguro Popular in patients with limited resources. This working relationship becomes stronger with the implementation of our Special Cases Program.

In 2016, our Board of Directors acknowledges the talent and dedication of Dr. Mejia and invites him to be to be an advisor to the Special Cases Committee. Since then, Dr. Mejia participates with his professional opinion. Dr. Mejia has performed several surgeries on children we have referred to him whose needs are not covered by Seguro Popular.

“My main motivation is helping the kids. A surgery can have a life-lasting impact on a child. For me, it is a great satisfaction to see them growing up and to realize how, in the long term, their lives have improved thanks to that intervention.”

Thank you, Dr. Mejia and all who have given their talent, selflessness and generosity for the children of BCS!

Photographs courtesy of Dr. Edgar González.

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