Surprise visit from the Easter Bunny!

New DVD Video Library Donated: The Spirit of Joy pediatric oncology center in Salvatierra Hospital, La Paz receives surprise visit from the Easter Bunny!

Monica Page of Monica Page Logistics, longtime partner with LCCF, visited Salvatierra Hospital in November and was enthralled with the kids there in the Spirit of Joy pediatric oncology center. However, she noticed that the children were spending long hours and days healing in the hospital with nothing to do. So she rounded up her husband Russ and friends, such as Diane Byron, asked for donations and purchased 12 DVD players, a beginning library of videos, a pile of coloring books and crayons and some child oriented Bingo games.

Well, Monica knew that no child wants to spend the Easter vacation in the hospital and thought this would be a perfect time to help the kids pass the time over the holidays by bringing them their gifts on Easter. So she invited the Easter Bunny and recruited her team of Easter Bunny helpers; husband Russ, daughter Tiffany, friend Diane, Diane’s mom Barbara, Diane’s daughter Alison and off they flew from San Diego to La Paz to spread good cheer, happiness and so many fun things for the kids to play with during their stay.

The kids loved it! So did the nurses and the doctor by the way! Everyone had yummy cupcakes and lots of fun with the Easter Bunny and helpers. When it was time to go the DVD players were playing and the kids were settling down with their cupcakes for an afternoon movie! On the way out, the Easter Bunny visited the kids in the general pediatric ward as well and brightened up their day with gifts, cupcakes and fun as well.

The Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, along with the Secretary of Health and Salvatierra Hospital, would like to thank Monica and team, the Easter Bunny and helpers for sharing their day with the children in the hospital and making this a day for the kids to remember for a long time to come! Thank you all for initiating this ongoing DVD-Video library for the children during their treatment and healing. Hopefully others will donate more videos for kids so we can build the library. Bravo Monica and Team!

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