Sunset Monalisa celebrates one year of daily efforts to save children

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Tuesday August 29th, 2017 – This month of August we celebrate one year of partnership between Los Cabos Children’s Foundation (LCCF) and Sunset Monalisa restaurant, partnership that started with the objective of raising funds through donations made by guests that generously want to help the community, and that throughout the year, has evolved to the point of LCCF and Sunset Monalisa becoming a family, that together and hand in hand, have been able to impact for good, the life of many children and their families in the state.

The dream began a year ago thanks to the opportunity that Giammarco Vela, CEO of Monalisa Group, gave the LCCF team when opening his doors and accepting the challenge, without even imagining the amazing results.

“In one year of partnership, Sunset Monalisa has raised $9,301 dollars, amount that has been invested in the 4 programs that LCCF supports to improve the health and quality of life of children of Baja California Sur: Spirit of Love – focused in the treatment of congenital heart defects, Spirit of Joy – focused in the treatment of childhood cancer, Spirit of Hope – focused in supporting critical health, and Spirit of Sevice – focused in supporting other general childhood health issues”, mentioned Marisa Comella, Executive Director of LCCF.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”, Robert Collier. This phrase represents very well what the team of Sunset Monalisa achieves everyday, they choose to contribute by nicely asking the guest to donate at the end of their evening. Each one of them, from their heart, trasmits LCCF’s mission and manages to collect this donations that are necessary to achieve this mission.

“Even the impact has gone above and beyond, in the case where the collaborators of the restaurant have been benefited by the foundation, for example Jesús Pérez, cook, whose 6 year-old son Brayan, was diagnosed with a heart defect, and that thanks to the prompt care through LCCF, received the gift of a heart surgery in November 2016, and therefore change completely his life and the life of his family. We feel very happy for the Pérez family and Sunset Monalisa group, for helping save the life of one more child”, commented Marisa.

Always enthusiastic, the collaborators of Sunset Monalisa join us to the Salvatierra Hospital visits in La Paz that are organized every month; in just one year, 25 collaborators have joined us and could experience the tangible results of their daily effort.

As a sign of appreciation for their work to raise funds, the waitresses received in the month of January a representative LCCF pin, as a symbol of their commitment with the community in which they live in and that the children are part of. Each one proudly wears their pin when requesting the guest for a donation.

We invite you to live the experience of “giving”, and like the Sunset Monalisa team, make a daily effort to save children.

Vanessa Figueroa
Los Cabos Children’s Foundation
(624) 157-4014

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