Spirit of Service

The Spirit of Service is the pillar of LCCF that includes all other initiatives that address some aspect of the health and quality of life of the children of the state. Through economic support and strategic accompaniment, we have managed a good dynamic flow between programs that have different approaches, different problems and yet share a common vision and a commitment to the children of the state that motivates us to continue to strengthen ties with these community programs, in matters from physical and intellectual disability to mental health and prevention.

Programs Supported 2017-2018
USD Investment for 2017-2018
Estimated Children to be Benefited in 2017


Buceo sin Barreras México, A.C. is an organization that offers diving therapies to people with physical disabilities in the state. They start this year of 2017, with a project that allows them to measure the effects of diving to improve participants’ lung capacity. LCCF is joining this year in order to improve the quality of life of the children of the state through this program.

Sarahuaro, A.C. has been operating a food kitchen in one of the most vulnerable areas in Cabo San Lucas for a couple of years. More than 300 children from low income families receive nutritious food from Monday to Friday inside their school. LCCF supports Sarahuaro with resources for the operating expenses of this project.

Red Autismo, A.C. is a therapy center for children within the autism spectrum disorder. LCCF supports Red Autismo to partially cover the operating expenses of children who cannot cover the full costs of therapies or tuition fees.

Created to empower young people in the municipality of Los Cabos, Gente Joven por un Cambio, A.C. has different activities and workshops to promote leadership and achievement of goals. LCCF will support GJC with resources to partially cover the operation of its preventive health program, which consists of maintaining a garden where, in addition to learning how to produce food organically, young people will learn the best recipes to prepare the food and maintain healthy diets.

East Cape Community Urgent Care Clinic is a clinic that provides medical care to children from the East Cape communities, which due to their geographical location are difficult to access. The health services provided include general and dental services, through free clinics in the community or the assistance of special cases. LCCF supports ECCUCC with funds to partially cover its operating expenses including the special cases fund.

Cuna de Cartón, A.C. is an organization that operates throughout the country. It began its operations in BCS in 2016, with the purpose of giving newborns a dignified start, in addition to reducing the risks of crib deaths in infants. LCCF supports Cuna de Cartón with resources for the operation and delivery of cribs in the state.

Los Niños del Capitán, A.C. is a children’s day care created with the purpose of providing single parents a safe place to leave their children during their working day. Children receive quality education and nutrition. LCCF supports LNDC with the operating and equipment costs of its dental and nursing practice and with the free physiotherapy room for the children at the day care.

Liga MAC, A.C. is an organization dedicated to supporting the basic needs of the community of San José del Cabo. From groceries and scholarships to medical appointments, medication, and medical examinations, for people with limited resources in the area. LCCF supports the operation of its medical program with direct funding.

Casa Cuna-Casa Hogar is a state shelter that welcomes children under its temporary guardianship. LCCF will initiate a joint effort with CCCH to provide children with specialized psychological and psychiatric care.

Padrino Children’s Foundation was created in 2016 to help Todos Santos children gain access to health services that are limited in the community. LCCF initiates an alliance with PCF in the area of special children’s cases, which addresses disabilities and diseases related to genetics.

ORCAS Explora tu mundo, A.C. is an organization dedicated to supporting children with autism spectrum disorder in the municipality of La Paz. This year they are starting a project that will expand its operation to the municipality of Loreto, in which campaigns are aimed at detecting cases, as well as awareness and dissemination of this disorder. LCCF will support this project by partially covering its operating expenses.

Vida y Familia Nacional, A.C. starts operations in BCS with a shelter for vulnerable pregnant women in 2011. It not only provides medical care to the mother, but also offers a better start for the baby yet to be born. This year they intend to continue with their charitable work for children born inside the shelter by keeping in touch to better understand their current life situation, especially in terms of their health conditions. LCCF will support this follow-up project.

Centro de Rehabilitación Infantil Teletón BCS grants children and youths physical therapy, with the support of the State Government of BCS, within its facilities. In an effort to further address all the health needs of its beneficiaries when leaving the CRIT, LCCF will partially support the program of special medical cases that may arise, with the acquisition of medication and supplies for children, surgery or treatment at home.

Aware of the high rate of overweight and obesity among children and young people in our state, in 2016 LCCF began a Prevention Program to allocate a fund to explore initiatives in preventive health. It has mainly focused on promoting physical activity and good eating habits for the children of Los Cabos. However, it is also intended to include addiction and violence prevention in the 2017-2018 period.