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In B.C.S., cancer is the second cause of mortality in children between 5 and 14 years of age. LCCF has provided support, since the beginning, initiatives related to this disease. Since 2012, children with cancer in B.C.S. are treated close to home and are also provided with food, transportation, lodging and psychological services. LCCF supports initiatives that focus on childhood cancer from a comprehensive approach, and that is why it becomes important to support, as well, research and collection of relevant data.

Programs Supported 2017-2018
USD Investment for 2017-2018
Estimated Children to be Benefited in 2017


In 2003, when LCCF began, children with cancer in Baja California Sur were treated in the state of Sinaloa and even outside the country thanks to the management of the foundation and allied associations. For this reason, in 2012 Dr. Eduardo Altamirano moved from Sinaloa to begin treating children in the city of La Paz. In 2013, the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Unit (UHOP) is born, providing them with quality service near their home and family and managing to save lives through timely diagnosis. The constant training of the whole team that makes up the UHOP is key to continually providing the quality service that was recognized throughout the accreditation process of the program with the Seguro Popular in 2014. This allows them to have access to federal funds and ensures attention to our younger ones that require it. LCCF continues to support UHOP with training for staff members.

Sudcalifornia Contra el Cáncer Infantil, A.C. supports children with cancer throughout the state, who receive treatment at the UHOP of Salvatierra Hospital, with transportation and medication, as well as supporting the UHOP with the necessary supplies and equipment for its operation. LCCF supports SudCCaI with funds for the acquisition of any additional medicines and supplies for UHOP.

Casa Valentina is a shelter in which the children, patients of the UHOP of Salvatierra Hospital, and their relatives or caregivers can stay during their treatments. Inside the shelter they receive, in addition to accommodation, daily food, occupational workshops and psychological therapies at no cost. LCCF supports ACV with funding for the various programs that benefit the occupants.

Fundación Mark, I.A.P. is an organization dedicated to the construction of play centers within the pediatric oncology units of different public hospitals in the country. This year they propose to start with a project to build a recreation space within Salvatierra Hospital and LCCF will support with funds for the equipment of the play center.

The project to make a cancer population registry in the state of BCS began in 2016. It was created in order to have a clearer picture of cancer incidence within the state, as well as to highlight which communities have a higher rate, and to be able to create statistics that will help us in the future to have more knowledge about the conditions that favor the presence of this disease, its treatment, and possible prevention. In 2016, LCCF supported with funds that allowed the start-up and fulfillment of this project. However, it is not until April 2017, with the approval of the amendment to the General Health Law in which the creation of the National Cancer Registry, Registro de Cáncer de BCS, A.C., is established that the project begins to take shape.

Amigos de Los Niños de Cabo San Lucas, A.C. operates free eye sight, hearing and dental clinics for children in Los Cabos, as well as supporting children in special cases of illness, such as cancer. It has been an ally of LCCF, since our founding, to support children with cancer and congenital heart defects. This year we will support ADLN to design a care program for oncology patients in Los Cabos, when they are not in the UHOP.