Reinforcing the Educational and Developmental aspects of the ‘Spirit of Joy’ Cancer Center


The Los Cabos Children’s Foundation’s mission to provide educational support to our medical programs was demonstrated this past June when LCCF supported the staff of the Pediatric Oncology-Hematology center of the “Juan María Salvatierra” General Hospital to attend an important medical congress. The ‘XX Congreso Internacional de Oncología y Hematología Pedriátrica’ is the most important annual oncology congress in México and this year it took place in the city of Querétaro.

Congreso Oncologia 2

Los Cabos Children’s Foundation granted air and land transportation and accommodations for Dr. Eduardo Altamirano Alvarez, Dr. David Mejía, Psychologist Laura Ronquillo, Social Worker Bibiana Cruz, Nurse Eunice Ibarra and Nurse Adriana González. As a sign of appreciation, they proudly wore the LCCF foundation’s t-shirts to the event.

Congreso Oncologia 3The ‘Juan María Salvatierra’ General Hospital is the home of the LCCF ‘Spirit of Joy’ Children´s Cancer Center and this particular medical congress provides the opportunity for leading doctors, nurses and support staff to network with others in their field, to learn and share their knowledge and programs in a positive learning environment and return home with new ideas that will make a significant contribution to the quality of care for the patients and their families here in BCS. At right is Dr. Altamirano, leading Mexican oncologist and director of the ‘Spirit of Joy’ Pediatric Oncology Center at Juan Maria Salvatierra Hospital, sharing information about advances in the cancer program and medical work in BCS.

LCCF is pleased to contribute in making our state, Baja California Sur, the home of a first class medical staff and pediatric cancer program. Of course, none of this would be possible without the generous yearly support and long term commitment of our community of friends, supporters and donors and the dedication of our medical team. Congratulations to all!

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