Spirit of Service


Since its beginnings LCCF, through the “Spirit of Service” program, has teamed up with other local non-profit organizations that share our vision of supporting children through programs that focus on their health. Through the Commitee for Grants and Medical Programs, our Board of Directors makes sure the donations we receive are well invested and contribute to giving the children better quality of life.

If you address children’s health issues in B.C.S. and you would like to join this network of hard-working and committed organizations, with no other interest in mind but the children’s well-being, please click here to download our application for grants and send it to grants@loscaboschildren.org

Spirit of Service

Local Organizations Supported 2016-2017
Dollars Invested in 2016
Children Benefited in 2016



Through their program “La Cocina de Los Niños”, installed at a school in Cabo San Lucas, children from vulnerable sectors of the population receive nutritious meals, which contribute to improve their health and strengthen their physical development and school performance.

Liga MAC

Liga MAC seeks that no person or family of San José del Cabo lacks from the basic need of food, education or medical treatments due to financial difficulties. Los Cabos Children’s Foundation provides funds for their medical support program.

Amigos de los Niños de Cabo San Lucas

Provides quality health care for children under 18 who have no other means for care or whose health care provider is insufficient, through arranging external medical consultation, organized clinics and assistance in the establishment of medical treatment for special cases of seriously ill or disabled.

Cuna de Cartón

This 2016, it was LCCF’s desire to support in developing this program in the municipality of Los Cabos. “Cuna de Cartón” provides moms with a cradle made of cardboard to prevent sudden infant death syndrome, as well as a kit of basic hygiene for the baby, which ensures that newborns have a better start in life.

Red Autismo

Therapeutic care center that provides treatment options available for families with children with autism spectrum and other developmental disorders within the area of Los Cabos.

East Cape Community Urgent Care Clinic

The clinic offers preventive health education, physical health examinations, illness detection, laboratory/diagnostic tests, oral hygiene and restorative dental treatment and vision exams with glasses when indicated. The services focus on children from underserved families of the East Cape community.

Sudcalifornia Contra el Cáncer Infantil

Their goal is to support children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer through their recovery and improve their quality of life, by acquiring chemotherapy and other medication, medical supplies and equipment and social support like transportation.

Los Niños del Capitán

Organization dedicated to helping children of single parents in Cabo San Lucas, through care, attention and education in a safe and loving environment for them to be useful and confident human beings.
This year, LCCF is devoting resources to support continuous health and dental treatment campaigns for the children.