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Logo-SpiritHopeOne of the main requirements for accreditating the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Unit for receiving funds from the “Seguro Popular” health coverage of the Mexican government, was the creation of a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU or UTIP for its acronym in Spanish) in Salvatierra Hospital.

The PICU is also a crutial part of the success of the pediatric heart surgery rounds. Once the medical team from Omaha leaves after the last surgery, it’s the Mexican UTIP team that does most of the post-op care.

Twice a year, the nurses from the PICU receive training at Omaha Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in order to continue to improve the post-op care of the cardiac surgical patients.

In addition to the support given to the oncology and cardiology programs, the PICU also serves all kinds of critical pediatric patients from all over the state. It is still the only unit of its kind in Baja California Sur.

Spirit of Hope

Programs Supported 2017-2018
USD Investment for 2017-2018
Estimated Children to be Benefited in 2017

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (UTIP)

The UTIP was born in 2015 mainly with the aim of achieving the accreditation of the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Unit (UHOP) of Salvatierra Hospital. However, over the years it has proved itself by filling a large void in our state, being the only unit in Baja California Sur of this type. It not only receives patients from the UHOP, and the pediatric cardiology program, but is also used for other types of conditions. As well, it’s used to treat children who have suffered from any type of accident, brought from any public or private healthcare institution in the state. The staff that works at the UTIP is in constant training to be able to offer its users first class service. LCCF supports the UTIP with funds for the acquisition of equipment and medical supplies necessary for its optimal operation.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (UCIN)

The UCIN is the area within Salvatierra Hospital that has specialized human and technological equipment for the treatment of newborns to improve their health conditions and give them the ability to go home without complications. LCCF supports the UCIN by acquiring specialized equipment and supplies for existing equipment, necessary to continue its high-quality operation.

Pediatrics – Training

This training program arises from the need to have more medical personnel trained in first aid maneuvers and care for critically ill pediatric patients, bearing in mind that the majority of medical personnel in the state do not have a pediatric specialty nor have knowledge of neonatal or pediatric resuscitation. The training will be directed throughout the year to almost 200 nurses, paramedics and doctors from all over the state and will include the Diploma Program called “Care of the Pediatric Patient in Critical Condition” for nurses in the area of Pediatrics at Salvatierra Hospital. LCCF will support with the operating expenses and purchase of material to carry out this program in different communities of BCS.

LCCF Special Cases Program

The LCCF Special Cases Fund was created to support children who are in critical condition and require significant financial support for drugs, medical tests or supplies that are not covered by other LCCF-supported programs. Not only are they supported financially with the payment of the above, but they are also given guidance and managed support with other associations or medical institutions.