Los Cabos Children’s Foundation and Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa Celebrate 2nd Year of Partnership

CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico, Thursday, July 30, 2015 – The Los Cabos Children’s Foundation is proud and honored to announce their second year of partnership with Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa.

In early 2014, there was a wish from the owners of Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa to give back to the people that make Los Cabos a top tourist destination. This wish became reality with a program that began in April of 2014, through a voluntary $1 a day donation to Los Cabos Children’s Foundation (LCCF) included on their guests’ final bill.

“From day one, the active participation of the Cabo Villas staff explaining the resort’s commitment to the community was crucial for the success of what we called the “One Dollar a Day Program”. This program has solidified and is available to any business that wishes to participate in changing the world, one child at a time!” said Vanessa Figueroa, Development Director for the LCCF.

The enthusiasm has spilled over in other areas and Cabo Villas invited their sales team staff to also contribute as part of an ongoing program of donations. With each sale, a portion of the sales person’s commission is donated to the foundation. The LCCF is most grateful for each and every one of those who have taken this initiative to provide children a chance for a better quality of life.

“We are so very thankful for having such committed people on board, working alongside us to create awareness of the healthcare needs of children in Baja California Sur and making a difference in the way locals and tourists approach charitable giving by having a continuous program with quantifiable results. Since the program started, Cabo Villas has raised close to $75,000 dollars!” announced Marisa Comella, Executive Director for the LCCF.

In addition to the $1 per day donation commitment from members and guests, Cabo Villas added a LCCF channel on their television system in all units at the resort, and proudly displays a LCCF poster frame in their lobby, in addition to LCCF banners at the check-in area on Saturdays. The LCCF also appears on the Cabo Villas website, in addition to the resort’s monthly newsletter, and all members and guests receive a LCCF bookmark upon checking in. Finally, a LCCF representative is present at Cabo Villas’ Welcome Cocktail Party every Monday night to share the foundation with Cabo Villas’ members.

“We believe Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa has created much more than just a partnership with the LCCF. It is more of a mentality on how to be part of the Cabo community, and the nature under which we run our business,” said Chris Erickson, President and CEO of Cabo Villas Beach Resort. “Being family owned and operated, we believe we need to lead by example. Having our staff visit the Spirit of Joy Hospital in La Paz and meet the children changed everything; it is all about awareness. Our company and our “Familia Cabo Villas” are stronger than ever. We are truly thankful for all the LCCF has done with us.”

The Los Cabos Children’s Foundation mission is to promote, fund and monitor programs that have a focus on health for children in Baja California Sur to improve their quality of life and Cabo Villas Beach Resort & Spa is helping them accomplish it.

The Los Cabos Children’s Foundation invites all businesses that wish to make a difference in “changing the world one child at a time” to partner with them. For more information on ways to join our team, please go to www.loscaboschildren.org/get-involved

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