LCCF & Cabo Villas Partnership

The Los Cabos Children’s Foundation (LCCF) is thrilled to partner with the Cabo Villas Beach Resort and Spa in furthering its mission of changing the world one child at a time.

It all starts at check-in by inviting members and guests to donate a dollar a day during their vacation. Members and guests are given a bookmark with an overview of the partnership and there is a dedicated in-room television channel outlining additional information about the mission, history and programs of LCCF. Monday nights a representative from LCCF attends the Resort’s Members Party to speak about the foundation’s programs. (Learn more about our programs: Spirit of Love, Spirit of Joy, Spirit of Service)

The management and staff of Cabo Villas have demonstrated a great deal of passion and excitement in making this a successful partnership. Members and guests have responded to the call to action and shown gratitude for the work being done through the LCCF programs. Most are very pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the health and well-being of the children of the Baja.

Cabo Villas is not only making a significant contribution to furthering the reach of the LCCF programs but it also serves as a great ambassador, creating awareness of the work of the foundation.

LCCF recently spoke with the Owner and Developer of Cabo Villas Beach Resort and Spa, Chris Erickson, to learn more about what this partnership means to him and his team. This is what he shared:

Interview with Chris Erickson at Cabo Villas

Chris Erickson

Tell us about the partnership between Cabo Villas and The Los Cabos Children’s Foundation?

We have thousands of people that come every year, stay with us and trust us as a family owned and operated property. After meeting with LCCF’s founder Tom Walsh and CEO Greg Edwards, learning about their values and what they stand for, I decided that we wanted to become diplomats and as involved as possible in helping people and creating awareness of their programs.  Our guests listen to us because they know us and not a lot of them know about LCCF, so we thought we could be good diplomats because of that.

How did it all begin?

How it all began is actually a very interesting story.  My captain had his nephew come down with leukemia.  We were fishing one day and I heard him getting a call and he became very emotional after hearing the news and learning about his nephew’s condition.  So it was just coincidence or like Tom Walsh says, it was a Godcidence. Shortly thereafter I met his nephew Julian and became very passionate about learning more about the disease, how to cure it and how much the treatment costs. After meeting Julian, I met the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation and became curious about their programs. I learned that without their help children like Julian don’t stand a chance due to the extremely high expenses involved in the treatment.

What is the heart behind this partnership for Cabo Villas?

After living in Cabo for 25 years and being blessed by this amazing place I have learned to give back to this beautiful community.  The older I get, the more I try to be a better person and it means so much to me to be able to give.  I learned that when we give we get back tenfold and I know that the support we give goes directly to these kids.  LCCF has the infrastructure and their programs help children that have no other option for healthcare, they just don’t have a chance for a cure or treatment without their heart and cancer program in the State.

What made you decide to partner with LCCF?

Over the past years we have worked with several charities and we are proud of what we have accomplished with them. We have worked with international organizations and they seem to be more business oriented.  I learned at the LCCF fundraisers that the people involved in LCCF are passionate and care on a personal level and I decided that that’s the type of organization we want to be involved with at Cabo Villas.

It is evident that the passion and dedication to this partnership from Cabo Villas starts at the top and is contagious to the staff, members and guests of this fabulous resort. The Los Cabos Children’s Foundation extends a huge thanks to the Cabo Villas family for their trust, teamwork and support. The future is bright indeed!

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