Josue Daniel – A Clear Demonstration of our Spirit of Joy Program

Josue Daniel is 10 years old. His cancer treatment began in the Pediatric Hospital of Culiacan, Sinaloa under the medical attention of Dr. Eduardo Altamirano. While Josue Daniel had finished his treatment, his health was being monitored closely and in December 2013 he received a PETscan which detected tumor activity once more. Josue Daniel’s family followed the advice of Dr. Altamirano to administer treatment again; they decided to do it in the Pediatric Oncology unit in La Paz where the Doctor had relocated.


Josue Daniel was recently brought to Mexico City to receive preliminary exams for the next step in his journey to recovery. He is now back in La Paz recuperating in preparation for a bone marrow transplant. It has been a challenging year for Josue Daniel as infections and a decrease in platelets have slowed his recuperation. Traditionally a blood transfusion can contribute to increased platelets however this corrective measure reduces the possibility of a successful bone marrow transplant. In response to this situation, Dr. Altamirano prescribed Romiplostim, a medication which helps increase the body’s production of platelets. This prescription came with a $4000 USD price tag.

The Los Cabos Childrens Foundation assisted Josue Daniel’s family by providing this medication which was simply out of their reach. Half way through the treatment, Josue Daniel’s health allowed him to be sent home to continue his recuperation. It is probable that Josue Daniel will need to return to the Hospital prior to his bone marrow transplant as there has been a constant strain on his immune system. Josue Daniel however, has a strong will and is an optimistic boy. He is a strong, young warrior; in his most difficult moments, he crawls into a ball position to attempt to ease the pain, nodding his head yes or no to the questions and requests of the nurses and doctors. He never screams or complains about his pain. When he received the good news that he would be sent home, he was beaming with joy. A very different face to what he had shown days before. He gave me the biggest hug and a big kiss and asked me to say thank you so much!!

JOSUE DANIELPlease keep Josue Daniel in your prayers as we continue to assist children like him in the battle against cancer. If it’s in your heart to do more please contact us for information on volunteer opportunities. Your contribution is valuable and will have a positive impact on the lives of childhood cancer patients and their families. If you wish to donate you may do so online by clicking here.

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