International Volunteer Day

Every December 5th, the solidarity of volunteers who contribute to social, economic and cultural development, supporting mainly the well-being of the population, is celebrated and recognized worldwide.

The International Volunteer Day is celebrated since 1985, but this year it will have a different approach. #VolunteersActFirst: After the solidarity shown from society in general in response to the emergency arising from the September earthquakes in Mexico, and other events in the world, this year, the commemoration seeks to highlight that volunteers are usually members of the community they help, and that they are the ones that decide to take action first. The work of the volunteers in these events showcased their ability to react to the needs of the population.

A volunteer is distinguished mainly by two characteristics: he/she does not receive remuneration for his work and he/she does not have the obligation to volunteer. You can volunteer directly, or through the coordination of an institution such as Los Cabos Children’s Foundation (LCCF).

According to INEGI, in 2015, more than 2 million volunteers carried out activities in Mexico in favor of our society.* More and more people are deciding to participate as volunteers, and the Baja Sur community is not the exception. We are very happy to see how a volunteering area has been formalizing and strengthening within our foundation during the last year. Led by two volunteers who act as coordinators, Erika Amador, in the city of Los Cabos, and Karen Hernández, in the city of La Paz, LCCF currently counts with the participation of 42 people (27 in Los Cabos and 15 in La Paz) who are enthusiastic and committed with their community. This group performs different activities that benefit children of our medical programs Spirit of Joy, Love and Hope.

We interviewed Erika Amador about volunteer opportunities areas within our foundation:
How would you define a volunteer?

A volunteer is a person who, without expecting or receiving economic compensation, offers his/her services to a certain group or organization; and either individually or in a group will help achieve a greater impact in the mission, vision, goals and programs in the community.

What areas of opportunity does LCCF have for volunteers?

They are mainly 3 areas of opportunity:

  • Community

This area includes the Reading Workshop (based on the National reading rooms program of Conaculta), support management for special cases and support to other local non-profits with which LCCF establishes bonds.

  • Events

LCCF volunteers have the opportunity to collaborate in the planning and execution of different types of events: events organized by LCCF, events organized by third parties that benefit LCCF, and finally events organized by third parties to benefit the community.

  • Administrative support

This area involves office work to help with procedures, databases, among others.

How have the volunteers supported the foundation in the last year?

Broadly speaking, we have participated in 9 events during the year, both organized by the foundation and third parties. In addition, on our own initiative, after the Tropical Storm Lidia hit Los Cabos we organized a campaign to collect school supplies, where among 11 volunteers we collected 187 kits to give to children from different schools in need in the community. Finally, with the Reading Workshop a group of 10 volunteers benefited 4 families from Los Cabos, a total of 23 people (18 children and 5 adults). This workshop seeks to encourage the habit of reading for pleasure in children and their families. The activities are varied, and include painting, writing, crafts and creating piñatas, as well as reading aloud. We are happy to share that this weekend this workshop will begin in La Paz with 2 new families already benefited by LCCF’s medical programs.


Would you like to join as a LCCF volunteer?

Contact us at:
Los Cabos:
La Paz:

*Estadísticas a propósito del Día Internacional de los Voluntarios (5 de diciembre). INEGI.

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