“Por Amor a Ti”

Young Alexis Antonio had the generous initiative to help. With the help of his mother, Janneth, and his brother, Lennin Andre, he started a project that he called “Por Amor a Ti”, which translates as “For the Love of You”.

He first intended to donate toys for Christmas to all of the cancer patients of our Spirit of Joy program. But after visiting the Pediatric Oncology-Hematology Center, at Juan María Salvatierra General Hospital in La Paz, he found out that flannel button pajamas were one of the greatest needs of the patients during the winter. These pajamas facilitate the application of their treatment and help the children be comfortable and warm during their stay at the hospital.

After this visit, with great enthusiasm he set the objective to donate a pair of these pajamas to each kid in the cancer center. To start the project, Alexis got his school José Pilar Cota Carrillo involved, who made a monetary donation towards the project. He also achieved for his classmates, family and even Mary Kay Cosmetics to support the cause. Finally, with the support of LCCF they accomplished the goal. Alexis and his mother delivered with great joy the pajamas to the children at the hospital in January of 2015.

Alexis is an inspiring example of how one person, motivated with the spirit of love, can make a difference. Thank you Alexis!

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