Don't you already have a lot of money?

The more we raise, the more we can help! The population of our state is growing, and so are the needs of the children… it’s never enough!

Our goals are designed based on our community’s needs and always with a long-term vision. Therefore, we always guarantee the current year’s budget, but we still need to look for more donations throughout the year to plan for the years to come.

We only hold one fundraising event a year, where we obtain about 70% of our resources from major donors and our very committed board of directors. The rest is raised from community initiatives, corporate gifts and donations received from any individual who, like you, wants to joins to change the world, one child at a time!

Can anyone access your services?

We only provide support for organizations that care for children under 18 years of age in the state of BCS, Mexico.

What kind of services do you provide?

We provide financial support and beyond to other non-profit organizations or government institutions that support children’s health needs.

Where can we go to ask for help for a child?

You can reach us via Facebook, email (contact@loscaboschildren.org) or telephone (624 172 7117 Office) and we can help you find the help available.

Are the services you provide free?

Most services provided by our grantees are free, however, each program is independent and may have associated costs. These usually are affordable to low-income families and depend on the result of a socioeconomic study.

Do you only help children from Los Cabos?

The support we provide is available for children throughout the state of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

How can I volunteer?

We have different volunteering areas and opportunities. For further assistance, please send an email to: volunteering@loscaboschildren.org or call our office: 624-157-4784.


Is my gift tax-deductible? How can I get a tax receipt?

Yes. We are a registered charitable organization under IRS 501(c)(3) and therefore your donation is deductible in the United States. You can also deduct your donation in Canada, through one of our partners (Monarca Foundation). In Mexico, we are a donataria authorized by SAT to provide tax receipts as well.

In order to get a tax receipt, you must send your information to: contact@loscaboschildren.org.

What part of my donation goes directly to the children?

In LCCF we allocate 100% of all donations to the programs we support because the board of directors covers all administrative expenses. These are always kept under 5% of our budget.

Can I donate clothes or food?

We usually do not accept in-kind donations for children throughout the year due to space limitations. However, in some cases, we can deliver your in-kind donations to our grantees. Please contact us first with your idea at: contact@loscaboschildren.org.

Still can not find the answer you were looking for? Send us your questions by filling out our contact form or reach out via Facebook.