Dominic and the Duckett: A Life Changing Partnership

Those of you who attended the Duckett this year saw a video called Give Yourself to Love. The last image was of a young boy, Dominic from Cabo San Lucas, who was waiting for the life-changing heart repair he needed.

You were promised that the money donated at the event would go directly to programs. You answered generously! No time was wasted and on April 6th, 2014 Dominic was the first of five children to receive the answer to their prayers! Our miracle team this round was three Pediatric Cardiologists; Dr. Jeff Delany (Omaha), Dr. Ricardo Ayala (La Paz) and Dr. Richard McFaul (Cabo San Lucas).

Many of you know Dr. McFaul, retired Pediatric Cardiologist, who has been assisting the LCCF Congenital Heart Program for years. This year he took a special interest in expanding the work of the Spirit of Love Program by spearheading the acquisition of special devices to close holes in hearts through catheterization (cardiac intervention) as a less invasive alternative in some cases to open heart surgery. Another first for the LCCF heart program!

Here are a few pictures of Dominic’s journey. He had the corrective catheterization on Sunday and was up playing and ready to go home on Monday! Life changed!

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