The Coro de Pajaritos (the choir of little birdies) thank the friends who saved their lives

Last month we were delighted by an appearance of the Coro de Pajaritos singing A Million Friends during the closing event of the Fred Duckett Challenge. The choir was made up of the 21 children who received open heart surgeries in 2013 through the Los Cabos Children’s Spirit of Love program.

These brave, little champions travelled from their hometowns throughout Baja California Sur to Cabo in order to give thanks to the supporters who funded their life-saving surgeries.

For those who were unable to attend this wonderful event filled with the Spirit of Love, as well as those with limited Spanish, we would like to share the lyrics of A Million Friends in English:

I just want to see the fields,
I just want to sing my song,
but I don´t want to sing alone,
I want a chorus of little birds.

I want to bring this song my friend
to the one who may need it
I want to have a million friends
that way I can sing stronger.
I want to have a million friends
that way I can sing stronger.

I just want a strong wind,
to bring my boat northward,
and along the way I will fish
and divide the catch upon arrival.


I want to build the peace of the future
I want a safe home.
I want my child to step firmly,
singing loudly, smiling freely.


I want love throughout this life,
feel the warmth of a friendly hand,
I want to see my brother smiling at the wind,
see him with tears of joy.


Come with me to see the fields,
sing with me my song
but I don´t want to sing alone,
I want a chorus of little birds.


At the conclusion of the performance, each child hand delivered a red heart made of glass to each of the attendees as a symbol of their appreciation in providing the much needed financial assistance to make the surgeries possible. Words were not needed afterwards. What words could be spoken to express the gratitude of the children and their families? The hugs said it all!

We understand that the donors, support staff and medical team contributing to our programs are not seeking recognition, however we believe it is well deserved and, in moments like this, the incredible value of their contributions is very clear. The lives of these children are so valuable. Thank you so much for your involvement.

Let´s use the strong momentum created through this wonderful experience to continue in our efforts towards the third round of heart surgeries programed for June, 2014!

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