The First Stone is Set for the Second Phase of Casa Valentina!

Last Friday February 6, was an important day for the children of our Spirit of Joy program. The cornerstone was set for the the construction of the second phase of Casa Valentina, a teIMG_3973mporary home for cancer patients and their families that come from all the municipalities of Baja California Sur to receive their chemotherapy treatments at Salvatierra Hospital in La Paz. Casa Valentina is just steps away from the hospital.

This second phase will be allocated to accommodate young people, as the current module of Casa Valentina is mainly equipped for children.


The first phase of Casa Valentina was inaugurated in May 2013. It was built thanks to the initiative of our current DIF President, Maria Helena Hernández de Covarrubias, and the coordination of CMIC and the State Government of Marco Covarrubias. This second phase is a complete initiative of the CMIC.

In the cornerstone presidium participated the representatives of the following organizations:

  • State DIF: María Helena Hernández de CovarrubiasIMG_3944
  • Ministry of Health: Dr. Virgilio Patiño
  • Salvatierra Hospital: Dr. Roberto Rodríguez Pulido
  • CMIC BCS President: Ing. Ricardo García de León
  • Casa Valentina: Ely Cruz
  • Cancer Patient Ximena and her mom



Also among those present, was Dr. Eduardo Altamirano and his team that work in the pediatric hemato-oncology area at Salvatierra Hospital, oncology patients, CMIC and government workers, Casa Valentina staff and representatives of various foundations, as ours, that support the battle against cancer, such as: SUDCCAI, Grupo Reto, Onco Reto, Solmar Foundation, and Corazón de Niño.

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