About Our Organization

Thirteen years ago, in an attempt to aliviate the lack of medical services available in the Los Cabos area, Los Cabos Children’s Foundation began sending children with cancer and congenital heart deffects to the United States to be treated.

Our story has evolved, and 3 years ago, we were finally able to give the children from Los Cabos and all of Baja California Sur the opportunity to be treated locally.

We currently support the pediatric oncology, cardiology and intensive care programs of Salvatierra General Hospital in La Paz, in a successful model of cooperation between the government and the community represented by non-profits.

Our goal will continue to be building a world-class pediatric unit and assisting the local non-profit organizations that are truly making an impact and improving the quality of life of the children in B.C.S.

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Words of Appreciation

The Los Cabos Children’s Foundation has made such a difference in the lives of the children of Baja Sur.  Without their help, many children would not have survived the devastation of cancer and heart disease.
I am so grateful to have been a part of this organization from the beginning. I applaud what they have accomplished over these few years, and am in awe of the work that they do for these special children.
We all know that children are our future, and these unselfish and kind hearted volunteers are making these childrens futures become a reality.

– Gail Freels

We met a couple of little patients while we were there and even though they just completed a chemotherapy treatment, it was amazing how happy and energetic they were. Some of the children enjoy staying here so much that they don’t want to return home.It was a most enjoyable and uplifting day!!

– Bruce and Glenda Peacock / Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

¡Wow! no tengo palabras para decir lo que aprendí personalmente fue una experiencia maravillosa, aprendí a valorar más la vida, a ver más de lo que uno puede ver y aprendí a que no nos cuesta nada ayudar a los niños de B.C.S. Muchas gracias!!!!!!!!

Anahi Rivero / Hacienda del Mar

El impacto que tiene la aportación de los ciudadanos a estas causas y que es necesario que nos involucremos todos, hay necesidades que el gobierno no puede cubrir y para esto es necesario que la comunidad se integre y participe.

– Herlinda Estrada / Kreston BSG

Que hoy en día hay un equipo de profesionales comprometidos con la salud de todos los niños enfermos de cáncer y problemas del corazón y no tengan el sustento económico para poder atenderlos, se me quedo muy grabado lo que dijo el Dr. “ahora un niño no se muere por falta de atención”. Son realmente un excelente equipo y seres humanos.

Wendy Avena / Cabo Villas

The Principles That Guide Us

RESPECT for life and for all human beings.
COLLABORATION because we know we can’t do it alone.
EXCELLENCE in the work we do everyday.
SERVICE to the most vulnerable.
JOY to celebrate children’s purest essence.
LOVE for the children we serve.
HOPE to never give up, despite the obstacles.
GRATITUDE to all who believe in us and join us in helping the children every day.


  • To continue building awareness in the community so that we can help more children
  • To contribute in building a world class pediatric health system for the state of B.C.S.
  • To help generate a more profound impact through the organizations that share our vision and receive our support


To elevate health conditions and therefore quality of life for the children of Baja California Sur.


Promote, fund, monitor and strengthen programs that have a focus on health for children in Baja California Sur.


Thomas P. Walsh, Sr.: Founder
Heide Olson: Finance & U.S. Accounting
Sergio Baños: Development
Dr. Rogelio Ortíz Batanero: Medical Programs
Emma Bridger: Grants & Medical Programs

Board of Directors

Felipe Fernandez: Chair – Board
Larry Hendrickson: Past Chair
Kevin Roberg: Chair – Audit & Finance Committee; Strategic Planning Committee
Chris Erickson: Chair – Development Committee
Mark Conzemius: Chair – Governance Committee
Rosella Coppel: Chair – Grants and Medical Programs
Richard Erickson: Chair – Strategic Planning Committee; Development Committee
Javier Troncoso: Mexico Counsel; Governance Committee; Strategic Planning Committee
Dan Fritz: U.S. Counsel; Governance Committee
Alejandro Centeno: Mexico Accounting; Audit & Finance Committee and Grants; Medical Programs Committee
Gail Freels: Grants; Medical Programs Committee
John Van Brunt: Development Committee
Marco Monroy: Development Committee; Strategic Planning Committee
Richard Lirtzman: Audit & Finance Committee


Marisa Comella

Executive Director, USA and Mexico


Vanessa Figueroa

Development Director, Mex – Los Cabos, BCS


Brisia Velarde

Representative, Mex – La Paz, BCS


Elena Ponce

Development Programs Coordinator – Los Cabos, BCS

Gabriela Palacios

Impact Analysis  – Los Cabos, BCS


Vicente Castro

Administrative Coordinator – Los Cabos, BCS


Erika Amador

Volunteer Coordinator – Los Cabos, BCS