Los Cabos Children’s Foundation and Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos celebrate 2 Years of Partnership to improve the health of BCS Children

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, July 4th, 2017 – This year we celebrate the second anniversary of the partnership between Los Cabos Children’s Foundation and Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos, an effort that has led both organizations to work together and improve the quality of life of many children and families in Baja California Sur.

Los Cabos Children’s Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote, fund, monitor and strengthen programs that have a focus on health for children in Baja California Sur. “We have worked in the community for 15 years and our growth has been thanks to the support of the local residents and businesses, such as Hacienda del Mar, who has opened its doors and trusted us. This alliance allows both organizations to give many local children and families the opportunity to have access to better health services, thus improving their quality of life”, said Marisa Comella, LCCF Executive Director.

Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos, as a socially responsible company, supports the foundation through the One Dollar a Day fundraising program, through recurrent corporate donations and by supporting community events such as the 5th Cheese and Wine Festival, organized by Sheraton Grand Hotel benefiting LCCF. From July 2016 to May 2017, Hacienda del Mar raised a total of $1,474,468.43 pesos (or $75,245.51 USD).

The One Dollar a Day program offers guests the opportunity to donate one dollar per night during their stay, the charge is entirely voluntary and they can even donate more if they want to. Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos guests have been outstanding for being very participative and have adopted the One Dollar a Day program with much affection, close to 80% of the guests decide to donate.

However, the program has gone further, and even some hotel guests have made in-kind donations. In November 2016 we brought some guest to visit Los Niños del Capitán, one of the non-profit organizations supported by LCCF, to deliver a donation of rag dolls made by children from a school in New York, U.S.A., and each doll contained a very special message, from child to child. At LCCF we feel very grateful with these guests who go above and beyond, and bring so much joy to many children in the community.

“The participation of Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos in the fundraising program not only involves the guests and the owners, it also includes the employees who are a very important part for the success of these programs. They are the ones that keep this boat sailing; without their support, this wouldn’t be possible. For this, LCCF organizes conferences and fairs, with the objective of informing the employees who become spokesmen of the mission of LCCF. This is how some employees have approached the foundation to refer children with health needs. These children have been followed up on and supported within the programs LCCF supports”, said Marisa Comella.

All the good that is done with this money is thanks to the commitment of the owners and management and to the great team of employees who invite the guests to donate every day. “On behalf of all the children who have been able to improve their health as my son has, we thank you,” said Ana Castañeda Hernández, mother, of Jonathan, oncology patient who is benefited by the funds raised.

Last year LCCF recognized the outstanding participation of 23 employees by giving them a commemorative pin, which they proudly wear as part of their uniform. Throughout the year, 17 employees participated in the visits that are organized monthly to the General Hospital with Specialties Juan María de Salvatierra in La Paz. Living a personal and close experience during these visits, is the best way for the employees to become aware of and join the cause, as they can see for themselves the impact of the donations that they help raise.

“As chair of LCCF’s Board, I would like to call on the community and especially on local businesses to join these kind of initiatives and social programs. Making strategic alliances with local non-profit organizations, such as Los Cabos Children’s Foundation, allows companies to increase their social responsibility and also support the long-term sustainability of these programs focused on improving the health of children of Baja California Sur. Compared with our past grant period, we will increase the supported programs by 44%, which will improve the quality of life of approximately 5,500 children benefited (67% more than last year). We are currently looking for more socially responsible companies to join, just as Hacienda del Mar has done, to work together for the benefit of so many children and families who need it,” said Felipe Fernández, Chair of the LCCF Board of Directors.

Vanessa Figueroa
Los Cabos Children’s Foundation
(624) 157-4014

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