11th Annual Fred Duckett Challenge

“Sharing” is giving something from one’s self to others. This value became the inspiration for this year’s “Fred Duckett Challenge”, which became an opportunity to share love, joy, hope and service with all the children in BCS that have a health need and their families who struggle to tend to such needs.

The Fred Duckett Challenge celebration began the morning of February 18th with 20 participating teams in the Golf Tournament at the Querencia Golf Club, which has been a loyal and constant fundraising partner to LCCF for the past decade. All participants gave their best, however, there was only one team in first place which was Robert Harris, George Marable, Dennis Hunter and Scott Haveson. Congratulations!

In the evening, we had a multicultural mix of guests at the dinner; Americans, Canadians and Mexicans, locals and visitors, all willing to share something with others that night. We must acknowledge that this year we had 5% more Mexican donors, which represents our goal of attracting more Mexican benefactors that make this beautiful place their year-round home. They cheerfully enjoyed the Los Cabos Youth Orchestra and after the delicious dinner and superb service provided by the Grand Velas Hotel, the night ended with the magical music of the Villalobos Brothers who shared their great talent with all of us.

As part of the program, the traditional “Caminando Juntos” (Walking together) award was presented to a man who has shown a consistent support and outstanding commitment to LCCF’s programs for many years, the pediatric cardiologist Dr. Richard McFaul.

The evening was filled with surprises and compelling words by Felipe Fernandez, Marco Monroy and Richard Erickson, LCCF board members, as well as LCCF’s Executive Director, Marisa Comella. They all represented the voice of LCCF, inviting the attendees to make a gift and “live the joy of giving to others and therefore contribute to the pursuit of meaning in life”. We enjoyed the distinguished presence of our keynote speaker, Mrs. Gabriela Velazquez de Mendoza, State DIF president and first lady of BCS, who emphasized the importance of joining forces, government and civil society, in favor of the southern Baja children, as well as all the other social causes that we care for.

The 11th “Fred Duckett Challenge” represented the union of many forces, such as staff, volunteers, donors, partners, sponsors, doctors and government officials, who decided to work together for one purpose, to SHARE. $961 thousand dollars were raised that night to share during the 2017-2018 period with all those children that will celebrate the joy of living healthy lives with a brighter future and the duty that they must too, share with others something that was given to them that night, their health.

Even though in many ways this was a very successful event, we are still 23% away from our goal. We can still make it with your help so we are able to increase the number of supported programs to 23 and benefit over 4,000 children. To learn more about how we support childhood health programs, we invite you to watch the following brief video:

We invite you to share your generosity, your love, and service with BCS children. Click here to donate and save lives with LCCF.

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